Partnering with Nature to Accelerate a Clean Future

Using Green Chemistry to Create High Performance, Clean Ingredient Solutions

We Are P2 Science

Founded in 2009, P2 Science was started by two scientists from Yale University, who were disheartened by the widespread use of non-sustainable, synthetic compounds found in everyday use. P2 Science started with a simple vision - develop high performance, innovative ingredients that align with planetary health.

Holding to the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, over the past 14 years, P2 Science has become a global leader in bringing naturally derived, sustainable ingredients to market; partnering with brands and manufacturers in 25 countries.

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Our Trusted Partners

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Citropol®: The Beauty of Sustainability Starts Here

Citropol® is P2 Science’s next generation platform of patented, sustainable, and high-performing liquid polymers derived from the natural oil of pine trees.

Citropol® imparts multi-functional benefits to hair, skin, fragrance, and color cosmetics, while offsetting the use of silicones and other petroleum-based emollients in a flexible, easy-to-formulate manner.

P2 Achievements & Awards

P2 Science and its ingredients have been widely recognized by the beauty industry for their sustainability and high sensorial performance.

Beyond Beauty

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Unlocking New Aroma Experiences

With our proprietary PIOz™ and PICE™ terpene conversion technologies, P2 Science brings a new level of innovation, safety, beauty and sustainability to the fragrance industry.

P2 has partnered with industry leaders to create new aroma materials, including Velberry with BASF, Hydrofleur with Bedoukian, as well as Herbenone, and Biononanal for select customers. In addition to these aroma molecules, P2 has developed a world class new fragrance fixative known as Citropol F that can extend the impact of a fragrance in a finished product by hours. Learn more here, or contact

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Harnessing Natural Systems, Restoring Natural Balance

Using plant-centric technology for crop protection, our sustainable PIOz™ technology is one of the P2 Science's active intermediate technologies focusing on pheromones.

To feed a planet of 8 billion people, farmers must strike a balance between maximizing yield, and preserving the land and ecosystems for generations to come. Insect pheromones can offset the use of harmful pesticides in promoting crop health and providing clean food for the consumer without harming the environment.

To advance this science, P2 has an exclusive collaboration with Bedoukian in the field of pheromones using its PIOz™ technology. Further, P2 is developing plant-based functional ingredients that can help deliver key actives to crops for optimized production and harmony with the environment. For more information contact

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Biorenewable Performance Polymer Intermediates, Naturally

P2’s PIOz™ technology can unlock plant-derived oils to generate high performance polymer intermediates using atmospheric chemistry cleanly and at scale.

Renewable oils such as soy, canola, sunflower, safflower, and tall, can be converted to functional ingredients for polymers and textiles using an air-based oxidation technology (PIOz™) developed by P2 in collaboration with Desmet Ballestra. P2 has further collaborated with Archer Daniels Midland to bring this technology to scale in the US to make intermediates for biorenewable nylon and polyester. For more information contact

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The Future of Green Chemistry

To address the needs of the wide variety of material classes used by consumers every day, P2 Science has developed cross-platform technologies in chemistry, computer science, chemical engineering and materials science. We are building AI and ML models with industry thought-leader and advisory board member, Alàn Aspuru-Guzik, to accelerate discovery and performance without sacrificing sustainability.

P2 has taken its holistic approach to next generation material design into a collaboration with P2 SAB member, Alàn Aspuru-Guzik, and the Acceleration Consortium at the University of Toronto. By using the tools of AI/ML and laboratory automation, this approach can not only accelerate discovery, it can bring forward performance and sustainability, simultaneously. For more information, contact

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Sustainable Is Who We Are

Co-founded by the father of Green Chemistry, Paul Anastas, P2 Science is fundamentally based on sustainability. From our selection of sustainable renewable feedstocks, to low-energy, high-efficiency manufacturing, to the benign reintegration of our products into the biosphere post-use.

Sustainable is who we are.