We’re Hiring Doers, Dreamers and Leaders

You must be all three. Doing without pursuing your dream? That’s just a chore. Dreaming but not doing? Forget it. Not leading? You have to share your skills to build them.  If you are action oriented with a love of chemistry and driven by a dream of making a difference, we want to talk with you. With the opening of our plant and the growing commercial production of Citropols® and BioNonanal, we are expanding the team. This is a new chapter in the P2 story as we commercialize many new products and build up an international customer base. We have a blue-chip group of very supportive investors including BASF, Chanel and Heritage Group Ventures. What’s it like to work at P2? Check out the video below. If you have expertise and experience particularly in any of the following areas, please get in touch. neil@p2science.com.

  • Organic Chemistry Research, Applications and Management
  • Project Finance
  • Operations
  • Anything else you think will be interesting to us

This is what you’ll be doing:

  • Commercializing an entirely new, patented class of compounds in the cosmetics and personal care markets
  • Bringing to market novel, renewable aroma chemicals with the largest fragrance companies in the world
  • Developing an expanded set of products that will overturn many markets for traditional chemistry
  • Working with our strategic partners on revolutionary opportunities in sustainable chemisry
  • Working with some of the most gifted and talented chemists and engineers in the world
  • Realizing your entrepreneurial potential in a diverse, dynamic and truly unique team
  • Stretching yourself beyond anything you thought you were capable of

Contact neil@p2science.com. Candidates only. No recruiters please.

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