We’ve teamed up with dispersion experts American Colors to make first of a kind high-quality pigment dispersions based on proprietary green chemistry.  
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CitroSperse Red Iron Oxide

CitroSperse Yellow Iron Oxide

CitroSperse Black Iron Oxide

CitroSperse Titanium Dioxide

CitroSperse Yellow 5 Lake

CitroSperse Blue 1 Lake

CitroSperse Red 7 Lake

CitroSperse Red 6 Lake

CitroSperse Black 2

Product Families

Flavors & Fragrances

P2’s philosophy of Clean Beauty extends to its line of renewable flavor and fragrance ingredients.


Citropol® is a brand-new class of low MW liquid polymers that are made from 100% forest-derived terpenes using a clean, mild, and high yielding conversion process.


Citrolatum™ is a biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible cosmetic semi-solid and viable natural alternative to petrolatum.


CitroVisc™ is a silicone-like cosmetic fluid for personal care & cosmetics use. It is made 100% from plant origin.