Calendar Events

PIPOCNov 19-21, 2019KL, MalaysiaNeil Burns, Paul Anastas, Patrick Foley

9th ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 14-15, 2019SingaporeNeil Burns
In-Cosmetics AsiaNov 5-7, 2019Bangkok, Thailand-
In-Cosmetics North AmericaOct 23-24, 2019New York, NY-
3rd ICIS Indian Surfactants ConferenceOct 10-11, 2019Mumbai, IndiaNeil Burns
IFEATSept 29-Oct 3, 2019Bali, Indonesia-
8th ICIS European Surfactants ConferenceSept 17-19, 2019Europe tbaNeil Burns
CESIO CongressJun 3-6, 2019Munich GermanyNeil Burns
9th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 14-17, 2019Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
SCC Suppliers’ DayMay 7-8, 2019New York, NY-
AOCS Annual MeetingMay 5-8, 2019St. Louis, MO-
In-Cosmetics EuropeApr 2-4, 2019Paris, France-
World Bio-Markets 2019Apr 1-3, 2019Amsterdam, NL-
Price Outook ConferenceMar 4-6, 2019KL, Malaysia-
CM&E Group of the ACSFeb 7, 2019Penn Club, New York, NY-
ACI Annual MeeitngJan 28-Feb 2, 2019Orlando, FL-
8th ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 8-9, 2018SingaporeNeil Burns
Surfactants Business Essentials, Training CourseNov 7, 2018SingaporeNeil Burns
In-Cosmetics AsiaOct 30-Nov 1, 2018Bangkok, Thailand-
AOCS Fabric and Homecare ConferenceOct 28-31, 2018Boca Raton, FL-
In-Cosmetics North AmericaOct 17-18, 2018New York, NY-
2nd ICIS Indian Surfactants ConferenceOct 11-12, 2018Mumbai, IndiaNeil Burns
Surfactants Business Essentials, Training CourseOct 10, 2018Mumbai, IndiaNeil Burns
7th ICIS European Surfactants ConferenceSept 14-15, 2018Amsterdam, NLNeil Burns
Surfactants Business Essentials, Training CourseSept 13, 2018AmsterdamNeil Burns
IFEATSept 9-13, 2018Cartagena, Colombia-
World Perfumery CongressJun 5-7, 2018Nice, France-
SCC Suppliers’ DayMay 15-16, 2018New York, NY-
Second Annual Surfactants AwardsMay 10, 2018Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
7th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 10, 2018Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
World Surfactants Innovation SeminarMay 9, 2018Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
Surfactants Business Essentials, Training CourseMay 8, 2018Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
AOCS Annual MeetingMay 6-9, 2018Minneapolis-
In-Cosmetics EuropeApr 17-19, 2018Amsterdam, NL-
World Bio-Markets 2018Mar 20-22, 2018Amsterdam, NL-
Price Outook ConferenceMar 5-6, 2018KL, Malaysia-
ACI Annual MeetingJan 29-Feb 3, 2018Orlando, FL-
International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition (PIPOC)Nov 14-16, 2017Kuala Lumpur-
IFRA North America Annual MeetingNov 14, 2017Hasbrouck Heights, NJ-
7th ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 9-10, 2017SingaporeNeil Burns
In-Cosmetics AsiaOct 31-Nov 2, 2017Bangkok-
35th WFFC GalaOct 12, 2017Woodland Park, NJ-
In-Cosmetics North AmericaOct 11-12, 2017New York-
IFEATSept 24-28, 2017Athens-
First ICIS Indian Surfactants ConferenceSept 22, 2017MumbaiNeil Burns
6th ICIS European Surfactants ConferenceSept 14-15, 2017Western Europe tbaNeil Burns
7th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 18-19, 2017Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
7th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 17-19, 2017New YorkNeil Burns
SCC Suppliers’ DayMay 2-3, 2017New York-
In-Cosmetics EuropeApr 4-6, 2017London-
Price Outook ConferenceMar 6-8, 2017Kuala Lumpur-
ACI Annual MeetingJan 23-28, 2017Orlando, FL-
CSPA Annual MeetingDec 4-7, 2016Fort Lauderdale, FLPatrick Foley
6th ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 8-9, 2016SingaporeNeil Burns
World Conference on Fabric and HomecareOct 4-7, 2016Singapore-
IFEATSept 25-29, 2016Dubai, UAE-
5th ICIS European Surfactants ConferenceSept 15-16, 2016BerlinNeil Burns
In-Cosmetics North AmericaSept 7-8, 2016New York, NY-
World Perfumery CongressJun 13-16, 2016Miami, FLPatrick Foley
6th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 12-13, 2016Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
World Surfactants / Bio-Surfactant SeminarMay 11, 2016Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
SCC Suppliers’ DayMay 10-11, 2016Edison, NJ-
AOCS Annual MeetingMay 1-4, 2016Salt Lake City, UT-
In-Cosmetics EuropeApr 12-14, 2016Paris, France-
Green and Sustainable Chemistry ConferenceApr 3-6, 2016Berlin, GermanyPaul Anastas
Price Outlook ConferenceMar 7-9, 2016Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia-
ACI Annual MeetingJan 25-30, 2016Orlando, FL-
7th Bio-Based & Sustainable Products SummitJan 13-14, 2016San Diego, CANeil Burns
IFRA North America MeetingNov 20, 2014New Jersey-
4th ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 13-14, 2014SingaporeNeil Burns
AOCS Fabric and Homecare ConferenceOct 6-9, 2014Montreux, Switzerland-
IFEATSept 24-25, 2014Rome, Italy-
3rd ICIS European Surfactants ConferenceSept 4-5, 2014Berlin, GermanyNeil Burns
World Perfumery CongressJun 10-12, 2014Deauville, France-
4th ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 15-16, 2014New York, NYNeil Burns
Introduction to Surfactants, Training CourseMay 14, 2014Jersey City, NJNeil Burns
SCC Suppliers’ DayMay 13-14, 2014Edison, NJ-
4th China Int’l F&F SummitApr 24-25, 2014Shanghai, China-
In-Cosmetics 2014Apr 1-3, 2014Hamburg, Germany-
4th ACS Green Chemistry LuncheonMar 6, 2014New York, NYNeil Burns
IOCL 3rd Petrochemical ConclaveFeb 7, 2014New Delhi, IndiaNeil Burns
ACI Annual MeetingJan 27-31, 2014Orlando, FL-
Flavors and Fragrances 2013Sept 11-13, 2013Leipzig, Germany-
17th ACS GreenChem Institute MeetingJun 16-18, 2013Bethesda, MD-
CESIO Surfactant CongressJun 10-12, 2013Barcelona, Spain-
ICIS World Surfactants ConferenceMay 16-17, 2013Jersey City, NJ-
SCC NY Supplier’s DayMay 14-Mar 15, 2013Edison, NJ-
FEMA – Annual ConventionMay 5-8, 2013Palm Beach, FL-
In-Cosmetics ExhibitionApr 16-18, 2013Paris, France-
FEMA — Introduction to Flavor CreationMar 13, 2013Chicago, IL-
CSA West Coast Flavor ForumMar 7, 2013Anaheim, CA-
ACS CM&E GreenChem LunchMar 7, 2013New York, NY-
Society of Flavor Chemists Annual MeetingFeb 7, 2013Philadelphia, PA-
Chemical Sources AssociationFeb 7, 2013Philadelphia, PA-
Fragrance as a Science SeminarJan 29, 2013Newark, NJ-
ACI Annual MeetingJan 28-Feb 1, 2013Orlando, FL-
IFRA Annual Business MeetingJan 10, 2013Teaneck, NJ-
ICIS Asian Surfactants ConferenceNov 1-2, 2012SingaporeNeil Burns
AOCS World Conference on Fabric and HomecareOct 29-31, 2012Singapore-
ICIS Surfactants EuropeSept 13-14, 2012Budapest, HungaryNeil Burns
ACS Green Chemical InstituteJun 18-20, 2012Washington, D.C.Neil Burns
SCC NY Suppliers DayMay 15-16, 2012Edison, NJ-
ICIS 2nd World Surfactants ConferenceApr 25-26, 2012New York, NYPatrick Foley
SCC Midwest TeamworksMar 21, 2012Chicago, IL-
ACS CM&E Lunch MeetingMar 1, 2012New York, NYPatrick Foley
ACI Annual MeetingJan 29-Feb 3, 2012Orlando, FL-
Biobased Chemical SummitJan 23-26, 2012San Diego, CAPatrick Foley
SCC Annual MeetingDec 8-9, 2011New York, NY-

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