Full Coverage Foundation

Ingredients List


1. In the main vessel, add Phase A and mix while heating to 85°C. 
2. In a small beaker, premix Phase B. Add tot he main vessel. Increase mixing speed as it thickens. 
3. Add Phase C one item at a time, mixing well after each addition. 
4. In another vessel, premix Phase D and mix while heating to 85°C. Mix until uniform. 
5. Add Phase D to the main vessel. Homogenize for 10 minutes.
6. Begin cooling to 45°C.  
7. Add Phase E to the main vessel. Mix well.
8. Transfer batch to a head mixer equipped with an anchor paddle. Mix slowly while cooling to 30°C, using a water bath.
9. Pour into a suitable component and enjoy! 


A smooth foundation that hydrates skin and evens out skin appearance and discoloration for a full-coverage finish.