Light Shade Foundation

Ingredients List


1. In a suitable beaker, add Water. Then, add Sodium Chloride and Hydroxyacetophenone while mixing.

2. Premix Xanthan Gum in the Glycerin and add it to the main vessel. Begin heating to 85°C.

3. In a separate beaker, add Phase B. Heat to 85°C.

4. Add Phase B to Phase A and homogenize for 10 minutes.

5. Cool to 60°C while homogenizing.

6. Add Phase C. Homogenize for 5 minutes.

7. Slowly add Phase D to the main vessel. Mix using a homogenizer.

8. Cool to 30°C.

9. Add to a suitable component and enjoy!


A creamy, light foundation that evenly coats the skin and reduces the appearance of uneven skin tones