Our Mission

P2 develops and brings to market technology that will allow it to become the leading value creator in the renewable chemicals market.

Our Vision


Chemistry should be beautiful. Nature has given us molecules that come together and go apart with stunning elegance to provide us with materials of unparalleled performance. We follow nature’s lead in our products and processes and in all areas of our growing business.

Our Values


Green Chemistry is the foundation of our company. It is inherent in everything we do. Through green chemistry we create safe, sustainable and desirable products.
It is nature’s way. P2 incorporates this quality into all of its products and processes.
People are who we serve. Our greatest efforts will be spent to ensure customers, suppliers, neighbors, future generations and each other are given the best we have.
It is essential to thriving on this planet and is fostered by practicing elegant, green chemistry.
Performance equals success. Our products and processes will perform better and thereby make people’s lives better.

P2 Science, Inc.

4 Research Drive,
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Phone: (203) 821-7457
Email: inquiries@p2science.com