New York, NY May 1-2 2024

P2 at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day

Revolutionary, high-performing liquid polymers, derived from the natural oil of  pine trees.

Ingredient Spotlights


Citropol® F

A sustainable fragrance enhancer that provides bold and immediate aroma impressions while ensuring a controlled release of volatile ingredients.


Citropol® 1A

A low MW liquid polymer that imparts distinct lubricating properties of lightweight slip and spreadability for an enhanced sensory experience in skincare applications.



A fusion of Citropol® technology with nourishing hair-loving oils, delivering effortless detangling, conditioning, shine, and hydration while being biodegradable and biorenewable.

COlor cosmetics


A family of pigment dispersions based on Citropol® technology for highly effective color payoff for natural tones and colorful cosmetic applications.

Learn More About Our Unique Green Chemistry Process

Featuring Citropol® H

Featuring a new leave-in conditioner base formulation, P2’s Applications team collected new data and observations on the effect of Citropol® in haircare applications.

Applying Green Chemistry to Fragrance

More than just a fragrance fixative, Citropol® F is a 100% biorenewable and silicone-free ingredient with functionality across applications involving fragrance. Experience the effect of Citropol® F.