Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Plant a Forest Initiative

Sustainability is elegance. From the selection of plant-derived renewable feedstocks, to the design of best-in-class functional materials, through high performance in use and benign reintegration into the biosphere, all parts of this lifecycle are equally important.

At P2, many of our renewable ingredients used in the cosmetics, personal care, flavor and fragrance markets are derived from trees today. However, we want to take further action! We are partnering with Vermont-based One Tree Planted ( to plant a tree for every kilogram of product we deliver to our customers as our commitment to sustainability.

Forest Built on Citropol®

One tree-derived set of ingredients from P2 is the Citropol® range of novel, renewable liquid polymers.

  • When customers use Citropol®, they are making high-performing end products that adhere to Clean Beauty standards and they are directly supporting global reforestation.
  • When consumers buy products containing Citropol®, not only are they guaranteed superior performance, they are also making a positive contribution to our planet.

In addition to Citropol® polymers, tree-derived products also include Citrolatum™, CitroVisc™, and exclusive flavor and fragrance ingredients.

*A tree will absorb 1 Ton of CO2 over 40 years after it has been planted.

Photos courtesy One Tree Planted Organization

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