P2 Partners with Desmet Ballestra SpA

Desmet Ballestra Italy and P2 Science Collaborate on Chemical Technology

P2 Science, Inc. a renewable chemical company and Desmet Ballestra SpA (DBI), a leading global engineering company have entered into a partnership for the commercialization of Ballestra’s Reactor Technology in P2’s proprietary ozonolysis process for the production of flavor, fragrance and cosmetic ingredients.

The clean, value added conversion of biomass is a key route to renewable specialty chemicals. P2’s novel ozonolysis technology for the conversion of vegetable oils and terpenes has demonstrated lab-scale success, particularly in the fragrance ingredient market.  P2 has already installed and run a pilot scale falling film reactor from Ballestra at P2’s lab in New Haven, CT. The partnership is initially focused on scaling up the technology to support production and sale of commercial quantities of products within a 12 month timeframe.  Longer term the companies recognize many larger scale markets beyond flavors and fragrances where the jointly developed technology could be applied, including surfactants and polymer intermediates.

P2 Science is a venture backed company, using patent pending ozonlysis technology to convert biomass into specialty chemicals. Initial target products include renewable versions of existing F&F ingredients as well as brand new molecules, to date inaccessible via existing chemistry. Desmet Ballestra is a global chemical process engineering company with a leading market position in plants for oleochemical, surfactant and detergent production. The company continually seeks to broaden the application of its technology to additional growing chemical markets The partnership with P2 around P2’s ozonolysis process is an important part of this strategy for Ballestra.

About Desmet Ballestra SpA

Desmet Ballestra S.p.A, Italy, (DBI) is a process engineering company with proprietary technologies in many areas of the organic and inorganic chemical industry such as: surfactants, formulated detergents, auxiliaries and raw materials for the Detergent Industry (Detergents Division), Sulphuric acid, Phosphoric acid, N-P-K granulated compounds, SSP, TSP, Sodium Silicate, Potassium Sulphate, Zeolites etc. (Chemical Division), Oils & Fats hydrogenation, Fats splitting, Glycerin distillation, fatty acids distillation, Biodiesel production, Methylester fractionation/hydrogenation, fatty alcohols production and other oleo-chemical technologies (Oleo-chemical Division).

About P2 Science

Formed in 2011, P2 Science has received financing from Elm Street Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm and Connecticut Innovations, Inc. The company has an exclusive licensing agreement for certain technology with Yale University and works in partnership with the Engineering firm, Desmet Ballestra, Italy in the design of P2’s process plant. P2’s CEO is Neil Burns, who prior to joining P2 had over 25 years experience in specialty chemicals. The scientific co-founders of the company, Professor Paul Anastas and Dr. Patrick Foley, worked together at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering.