P2 Science Launches New Patented Fragrance Fixative

Citropol® F is a patented bioderived aroma compound designed to increase fragrance performance

 Woodbridge, CT – P2 Science, Inc. (P2) on June 9th, 2020 launched a brand new, unique and patented aroma compound with outstanding fixative properties. In a video presentation, entitled “Increase Fragrance Stamina”, attended by hundreds of members of the global fragrance industry, P2’s Chief Science Officer, Dr. Patrick Foley, introduced Citropol® F and shared some performance data. Citropol F, like all members of the new Citropol platform, is bioderived, biodegradable and biocompatible.

Production of the new ingredient has already started at P2’s manufacturing plant in Naugatuck, CT. Samples and product literature are available at the company’s website.

“The commercial introduction of this pleasant smelling bioderived fixative is very gratifying to me and to the whole R&D team in Woodbridge” said Dr. Foley. Neil Burns, CEO added “I’d like to extend our thanks to the many companies in the aroma field who have encouraged us in this endeavor. We are pleased to be able to make an impact in such an innovative industry with our technology.”

Citropol F is the first fragrance fixative and carrier to come out of the Citropol series. Citropol F has a light odor and can solubilize and present a wide variety of essential oils and fragrance ingredients. Fragrance solutions with Citropol F have the benefit of having an immediate and strong initial impression, as well as a controlled release of volatile ingredients over an extended period of time. Citropol F also provides excellent hydrolytic stability.

About P2 Science

P2 Science is renewable chemistry company. The co-founders of P2, Professor Paul Anastas and Dr. Patrick Foley, worked together at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. P2 has developed and patented green chemistry technologies for converting renewable feedstocks into high-value specialty products. Investors in P2 include BASF Venture Capital, Xeraya Capital, Elm Street Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Ironwood Capital, HG Ventures and Chanel. The company started up its first manufacturing plant in September of 2018 which produces novel renewable aroma chemicals and cosmetics ingredients. For more information, see www.p2science.com