Clean Beauty means elegance in every respect: from the selection of sustainable raw materials, to the design and use of high-functionality and high-performing ingredients, and the benign reintegration into the biosphere post-use. This philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in P2’s Citropol® technology.

Cosmetics & Personal Care


Citropol® is a brand-new class of low MW liquid polymers that are made from 100% forest-derived terpenes using a clean, mild, and high yielding conversion process.


Citrolatum® is a biorenewable, biodegradable, and biocompatible cosmetic semi-solid and viable natural alternative to petrolatum.


CitroVisc® is a silicone-like cosmetic fluid for personal care & cosmetics use. It is made 100% from plant origin.


CitroButter™ is an all-natural butter that forms a nice protective layer on the skin and hair to help prevent dryness, while also retaining moisture.


CitroComplex™ is an all-natural hair oil complex that adds hydration and shine


CitroSperse™ is a sustainable line of high-quality pigment dispersions based on proprietary green chemistry.

Flavors & Fragrances

Citropol® F

Citropol® is a renewable and sustainable fragrance fixative and carrier. It has a light odor and can solubilize a wide variety of essential oils and fragrance ingredients.

Partnership Development

We work in partnership with F&F houses upon request to utilize our patented Ozonolysis process to co-develop new molecules. If interested, please contact our sales team at