Refreshing Shaving Cream

Ingredients List


1. Add Phase A to a suitable beaker. Heat to 85°C, while mixing at a high speed. 
2. Premix Phase B and add to the main vessel, while mixing. Continue heating to 85°C. 
3. Premix Phase C and add to the min vessel. Continue heating.
4. In a suitable container, add Phase D. Heat to 85°C, while mixing.
5. Add Phase D to the main vessel, while mixing.
6. Homogenize for 10 minutes.
7. Begin cooling to 45°C
8. Once cooled to 45°C, add Phase E.
9. Remove the batch from the homogenizer and mix manually, cool to 30°C.
10. Place into a suitable component and enjoy!


A lightweight shaving cream that refreshes your skin.