P2 Science Partners with All Our Kin to Supply Childcare Facilities

Sanitizer supply supports non-profit in protecting health and safety in childcare facilities during the pandemic

Woodbridge, CT – P2 Science, Inc. (P2) today announced a partnership with All Our Kin (AOK), a Connecticut based non-profit that trains, supports, and sustains family child care providers to ensure that children and families have the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life. P2 will donate much needed sanitizer directly to childcare facilities that engage with AOK to ensure that they can protect the health and safety of everyone in their programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Manufacturing and packaging of the sanitizer has been underway at the P2 Woodbridge, CT facility for a few weeks already and the company has been able to support local workers in their neighborhood. This new partnership with AOK enables P2 to more directly target their donated products at childcare locations that remain open, which have a critical need for sanitization supplies in order to protect everyone’s health and safety.

“We’re very grateful to be working with P2 in addressing this critical need for childcare programs in Connecticut” said Jessica Sager, Co-Founder and CEO of AOK. Neil Burns CEO of P2 Science, added “It’s our pleasure to help by directly engaging with a key non-profit in our local community and directly delivering products to their facilities.”

About P2 Science

P2 Science is renewable chemistry company. The co-founders of P2, Professor Paul Anastas and Dr. Patrick Foley, worked together at the Yale Center for Green Chemistry and Green Engineering. P2 has developed and patented green chemistry technologies for converting renewable feedstocks into high-value specialty products. Investors in P2 include BASF Venture Capital, Xeraya Capital, Elm Street Ventures, Connecticut Innovations, Ironwood Capital, HG Ventures and Chanel. The company started up its first manufacturing plant in September of 2018 which produces novel renewable aroma chemicals and cosmetics ingredients. For more information, see www.p2science.com

About All Our Kin

All Our Kin is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that trains, supports, and sustains family child care providers to ensure that children and families have the foundation they need to succeed in school and in life. All Our Kin works with approximately 900 family child care providers in Bridgeport, Danbury, New Haven, Norwalk, Stamford, and surrounding towns in Connecticut as well as the Bronx in New York City. Through All Our Kin’s work with providers, they reach over 4,300 children, the majority of whom are infants and toddlers, and who live in overburdened, under-resourced communities.

The All Our Kin model results in a proven triple win: child care professionals succeed as business owners, increasing economic security and opportunity for themselves and their own families; working parents find stable, high-quality early care and education for their children; and children gain an educational foundation that lays the groundwork for achievement in school and in life.

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Nicole Allman
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All Our Kin, Inc.
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