Sample Request

If you’d like to request samples, please use the form below and select which product. If you’re having trouble viewing the form, check that you do not have any ad-blockers enabled. If you’re still experiencing issues, or would like to order large quantities, please email us at

Non-volatile silicone-like emollient (30cPs) - 200g each

Fragrance fixative - 50g each

Volatile silicone-like emollient (4cPs) - 200g each

Non-volatile silicone-like emollient (100cPs) - 50g each

Non-volatile silicone-like polymer (350cPs) - 50g each

Citrus rosy note - 50g each

White petrolatum-like cream - 50g each

Yellow petrolatum-like cream - 50g each

All products listed are sustainable and renewable.

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