Shimmery Green Mascara

Ingredients List


1. In the main vessel add Phase A (water phase), begin heating to 80-85℃ with mixing until uniform.
2. In another suitable vessel premix Phase B, then add to main vessel while mixing until uniform
3. Add phase C (color) to the main vessel. Mix until uniform at medium speed for 10 minutes
4. In a separate vessel premix Phase D (oil phase), heat to 80-85℃ or until waxes melted. 
5. Add phases D and E to the main vessel and homogenize for 15 minutes at 7,000 rpm.
6. Begin cooling to 45℃.
7. Add Phases F and G one item at a time. Mix until uniform, continue cooling to 30℃


A bright and shimmery mascara that brings a pop of color to your makeup look.