P2’s Approach: Process Intensification

P2 realizes that safety, capital efficiency, process control, and cost savings can all be maximized by intensifying the process chemistry. The fundamental principles of Process Intensification are a key underpinning of all of our process technology.

PIOzTM – Ozonolysis    PICETM – Continuous Etherification

PIOxTM – Oxidation      PIReTM  – Reduction

These technologies are focused primarily on the conversion of two types of renewable feedstocks:  Oleochemicals and Terpenes.

PIOzTM – Process Intensified Ozonolysis

Granted US Patent 10,071,944

PIOzTM is a fast contact, thin film reactor technology that allows for this gas-liquid reaction to be performed in seconds rather than hours. This reduces the volume of reactant present by over 1,000x vs current state of the art. This extreme level of process intensification adds safety, control, and efficiency — all of which save money. And it allows a previously unapproachable and powerful chemistry to be safely and economically scaled.

Process Intensified Ozonolysis


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