First-of-Kind Green Technology


Process Intensified Continuous Etherification (PICE™) continuously polymerizes terpenes into Citropol® polymers, a new breakthrough ingredient for cosmetics and personal care, replacing silicones, fluorochemicals, and petrochemicals.

PICE™ transforms cosmetics and personal care

Terpenes are transformed into better ingredients for personal care and cosmetics, including emollients, moisturizers, lubricants and shine enhancers for skincare, haircare, and color cosmetics.

PICE™ puts the principles of Green Chemistry into practice

Originally proposed in 1998 by John Warner and P2 Science co-founder Paul Anastas, the main concept of Green Chemistry was broadened into 12 Principles, all taken to heart by PICE™, which has a continuous flow, is solvent free, low heat, high precision, modular, high-yielding, catalytic, and inherently safe.

US Patent 10,844,169


Process Intensified Ozonolysis (PIOz™) is a fast contact, thin film oxidation technology that allows for a gas-liquid reaction to be performed in seconds rather than hours.

Approachable and powerful oxidation chemistry

The reduced reaction time consequently reduces the volume of reactant present by over 1,000x compared to current, state-of-the-art processes. This adds safety, control, and efficiency – and consequently decreases the cost. PIOz™ makes a previously unapproachable and costly process to be safely and economically scaled, while being patent-protected.

PIOz™ Transforms 2 major feedstocks: Terpenes and Fatty Acids

Terpenes are primarily transformed for flavor and fragrance ingredients and pheromones, while fatty acids are primarily used for polyamides, polyesters, cosmetics, and crop care, but can also be used for flavor and fragrance ingredients.

US Patent 10,071,944

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Our Sustainability Initiatives

Green Chemistry, Renewable Resources, Waste Reduction, Environmental Impact

Green Chemistry

The underlying principles of green chemistry drive P2 every day for a principled approach to better, more sustainable ingredients with elegant chemistry.

Renewable Resources

By using renewable rather than depletable feedstocks, P2 leverages the use of plant-based, abundant, non-depleting material sources for all of our key raw materials.

Waste Reduction

Through solvent-free systems, high-yielding chemistries, and the use of inexpensive, regenerable catalysts, P2 works to embody the first principle of green chemistry: waste reduction.

Environment Impact

Through plant-based feedstocks and thoughtful chemistry, P2 has designed chemical products to break down to innocuous substances for a more positive environmental impact